Vintage American Western Style Leather Saddle with Weathered Patina

An American Western style leather saddle from the 20th century, with dark brown/black seat, jockey, fender, horn and lighter brown stirrups. Handcrafted in America during the 20th century, this leather Western style saddle boasts a nice patina revealing its good use. Western saddles are used on working horses on cattle ranches throughout the United States, particularly in the west. They are the "cowboy" saddles familiar to movie viewers, rodeo fans, and those who have gone on trail rides at guest ranches. This saddle was designed to provide security and comfort to the rider when spending long hours on a horse, traveling over rugged terrain. The design of the Western saddle derives from the saddles of the Mexican vaqueros—the early horse trainers and cattle handlers of Mexico and the American Southwest. Its great history and weathered appearance will make this leather American Western style saddle from the 20th century an excellent decorative addition to any home!
Place of Origin: America
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 17"W x 23.5"D x 35"H
Inventory Number: XX363
Price: $1,950