Italian Palisander Mirrors with Carved Frames from the 20th Century, Sold Each

Two Italian palisander mirrors from the 20th century with carved frames, discreet gilt accents and contemporary glass, priced and sold individually. Created in Italy during the 20th century, each of these two mirrors features a linear Silhouette perfectly complimented by the richness of the palisander grain. A contemporary mirror plate is surrounded by a frame with carved moldings alternating with a gilt accentuation. With their clean lines, skillfully carved décor and lovely color, these two Italian palisander mirrors from the 20th century will make for a wonderful addition to any home, placed above a side table, a commode or a pair of demilunes if purchased together!
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 40.25"H x 32"W
Inventory Number: XX393B
Price: $1,495 (Each)