36 Vintage Italian Glass or Porcelain Pharmacy Jars with Labels, Sold Each

36 Italian pharmacy jars from the 20th century made of either white porcelain or glass and sold individually. Immerse yourself in a piece of history with these charming Italian pharmacy jars, a collection of 36 individual vessels dating back to the 20th century. The jars, fashioned from either white porcelain or glass, are not just artifacts but distinctive decorative items. Note, these are sold individually, and prices may vary depending on size. You can contact us for information on availability, price, and measurements. Each jar proudly displays a label, denoting its historical contents - perhaps aloe, magnesium sulfate, or rhubarb powder. The labels add a touch of authenticity, narrating tales of their past lives as containers for medicinal ingredients. These jars bring a splash of vintage Italian charm to your decor, adding intrigue to any room. When presented as a group, these pharmacy jars create a compelling visual ensemble, a testament to the allure of period decor. The largest of these pharmacy jars measures 9.5 inches in height, 4 inches in width, and 2 inches in depth, standing out as a particularly notable piece in the collection. Their versatility allows for various display options, whether on a rustic kitchen shelf, an antique study table, or a vintage-themed shop display. These 20th-century Italian pharmacy jars are a nod to historical charm and classical elegance, an exciting addition to your collection or interior design. Retail Price Varies By Size From $195 to $295 Each
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: Various Sizes. 11" Glass Round Top, 9" Glass Hexagonal Top, 8.5" Large White Jars, Small White Jars 5.5"
Inventory Number: XX394
Price: $295 (Each)