SOLD - Pair of Italian Neoclassical 18th Century Walnut and Mahogany Bedside Tables

SOLD - A pair of Italian Neoclassical period walnut and mahogany bedside tables from the late 18th century with two drawers each, butterfly veneer, cross banding and tapered legs. This pair of late 18th-century Italian Neoclassical period bedside tables is an exquisite blend of walnut and mahogany that radiates timeless elegance. Each table is a testimony to the craftsmanship of the era, featuring two drawers, offering practical storage while preserving the tables' sleek silhouette. One of the standout features of these tables is the butterfly veneer, a technique that showcases the wood's natural grain in a symmetrical pattern, enhancing the tables' visual appeal. This artful veneer is surrounded by cross-banding, a decorative technique that not only adds visual interest but also serves to highlight the quality of the wood and the skill of the craftsman. The tables rest on tapered legs, a characteristic trait of Neoclassical design. This leg style gives the tables a light, balanced appearance and contributes to their overall sophistication.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 22.2"W x 31.5"H x 14.25"D
Inventory Number: XX396
Price: $6,850