SOLD - 1760s Rococo Period Painted Swedish Chest of Drawers with Serpentine Front LiL

SOLD - A Swedish Rococo period painted chest from circa 1760 with three drawers, ormolu hardware, light gray / cream painted finish, serpentine front and carved skirt. Emanating the poetic allure of the Rococo era, this Swedish chest from circa 1760 is an exemplar of timeless elegance. Swathed in a harmonious palette of light gray and cream, its painted finish evokes a sense of refined sophistication. The chest's serpentine front, a signature of the period's design sensibilities, imbues the piece with a graceful fluidity. A trio of drawers offers both aesthetics and utility, with the gleam of ormolu hardware punctuating the muted tones in a dance of old-world charm. The carved skirt, with its intricate motifs, gracefully anchors the chest, while the tapered legs bestow a sense of poised elevation. This Rococo period chest could effortlessly assume a focal point in a bedroom, housing cherished keepsakes or delicate garments. Alternatively, stationed in a living room or study, it stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of Swedish craftsmanship, while offering storage with style. -- LiL
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 43.25"W x 24.1"D x 31"H
Inventory Number: XX450
Price: $5,950