SOLD - French Provincial 19th Century Green Glazed Confit Pot with Lateral Handles

SOLD - A French Provincial green glazed pot à confit from the 19th century, with two lateral handles. Steeped in rustic allure, this French Provincial pot à confit from the 19th century exudes a charm that resonates with the soul. Radiating an ethereal beauty, the pot is enrobed in a rare green glaze in its upper section, reminiscent of the lush French countryside meadows. The verdant green gently transitions into an unglazed earthy bottom, like a piece of land kissed by the morning dew. A distinctive feature of this pot à confit is its pair of lateral handles, gracefully arching outward. These elegant handles are not just functional, but add an aesthetic grace to this quaint vessel. The unglazed lower half tells tales of its utility, as pots à confit were traditionally half-buried in cool earth to keep the contents fresh, hence this pot’s lower section harmonizes with the earth both in color and function. Notably, the green glazed pot à confit is a rarer gem compared to its yellow counterparts. This pot, therefore, holds an air of exclusivity and nostalgia for the connoisseur of French antiques. The subtle crackles in the glaze, the tactile embrace of the handles, and the patina acquired over time – all converge to evoke a romance with the past. Imagine this pot nestled in a cozy kitchen corner, holding aromatic herbs, or as a centerpiece resonating with French Provincial splendor. It is more than a vessel; it is a narrative of history, craft, and an homage to timeless rural beauty.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 11"H x 11.75"D x 9.25"W
Inventory Number: XX455C
Price: $425