SOLD -French Provincial 19th Century Yellow Glazed Pottery Jug with Two Handles

SOLD -A French Provincial pottery water jug from Southern France, also called a cruche orjol, with yellow glaze, back handle and front spout connected to another handle. Bask in the warm embrace of Southern France with this exquisite French Provincial pottery water jug, fondly known as a cruche orjol. Swathed in a sun-kissed yellow glaze that evokes the golden hues of Provençal sunflowers, this jug is a symphony of rustic charm and utilitarian elegance. The jug boasts a curvaceous body with graceful tapering lines towards the bottom, which transitions into an unglazed base, echoing the earth from which it was born. The circular opening at the top welcomes you like a friendly smile, whispering tales of days gone by when it was used to fetch water or store cherished libations. One of the most striking features of this cruche is its uniquely designed handles. At the back, a sturdy handle stands guard, while the front spout is adorned with a beautifully arched handle connecting to the body. This harmonious marriage of spout and handle not only accentuates the jug's profile but speaks to the craftsman's ingenuity. What adds to the character of this piece is the rich texture and patina that it has acquired over the years. The glaze showcases a weathered appearance, and the surface resonates with the touch of countless hands that have been part of its journey. Envision this jug as a centerpiece, holding wildflowers in a country kitchen, or as a conversation piece in a sunlit room. It is more than just pottery; it is a tribute to the rich traditions of Southern France, and an heirloom that exudes warmth, beauty, and a rustic nobility.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 12"H x 11.25"D x 8.5"W
Inventory Number: XX455J
Price: $550