French 19th Century Round Iron Garden Table with Scrolling Base and Rusty Finish

A French iron garden table from the 19th century with circular top, tripod scrolling base and great rustic character. Enhance your outdoor space with this charming French iron garden table from the 19th century. With its circular top, tripod scrolling base, and rustic character, this table exudes timeless elegance. The table features a round top with a petite hole in the center, adding a touch of intrigue and versatility to the design. The iron Material has developed a lovely rusty finish throughout, creating a weathered and aged look that adds to its rustic charm. Supported by a beautifully crafted tripod scrolling base, this table stands sturdy and secure. The base consists of three legs adorned with elegant volutes, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of the period. These legs converge to secure a series of three rings in the center, adding visual interest and stability to the table. The overall aesthetic of this French iron garden table is enhanced by its rustic character and imperfections. The rusty finish, along with the natural wear and tear acquired over time, gives the table a distinct personality and a sense of history. Whether used as a centerpiece for outdoor dining, a gathering spot for morning coffee, or a display table for potted plants, this 19th century iron garden table will bring a touch of vintage charm to your outdoor setting.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: Diameter 38.5" x 27.75"H
Inventory Number: XX457
Price: $4,250