Large Size French Provincial 19th Century Glazed Terracotta Biot Olive Oil Jar

A large size French Provincial terracotta olive oil Biot jar from Provence with traces of yellow glaze and green dripping from the 19th century. A magnificent large-sized French Provincial terracotta olive oil Biot jar from the 19th century, hailing from the sun-soaked region of Provence, with traces of yellow glaze and discreet green drippings adorning its surface. Steeped in the rich heritage of Southern France, this Provençale Biot jar emanates rustic charm and bucolic grace. The jar’s distinctive round shape is a quintessential representation of Biot jars, named after the French town of Biot, and is emblematic of the timeless elegance and functionality that characterize French Provincial pottery. The ample curves of the jar render it not only aesthetically pleasing but also historically rooted in the practicality of storing olives and olive oil. A weathered patina graces the jar’s terracotta surface, whispering tales of its storied past. The neck and lip of the jar exhibit traces of a delicate yellow glaze, hinting at its former luster and adding an element of warmth to the piece. Exquisitely cascading down the jar’s ample curves are traces of green dripping, reminiscent of olive branches swaying in a Provençal breeze. The jar’s earthy texture and nuanced coloring embody the rustic beauty of the French countryside, making it a treasure that transcends time. With its substantial size and hearty shape, this olive oil Biot jar would be an excellent choice to be repurposed as a planter, allowing for vibrant greenery to pay homage to its olive-storing origins. Bring a piece of Provence into your space with this 19th-century French Provincial terracotta olive oil Biot jar. Its robust form, traces of yellow glaze, and green dripping make it an ideal statement piece, invoking the timeless charm and tranquil beauty of Southern France. Perfect for adding a touch of rustic elegance to a garden, patio, or indoor setting.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: Diameter 24" x 33"H
Inventory Number: XX458
Price: $4,950