French 19th Century Terracotta Biot Jar with Yellow Glaze and Rustic Character

A French Provincial terracotta Biot jar from the 19th century with yellow glaze and rustic character. Elevate your space with this exquisite French 19th century glazed terracotta Biot jar that exudes rustic elegance and the timeless charm of Provence. The Biot jar, a treasured relic from the sun-drenched region of Biot in southern France, is renowned for its graceful curves and the sheer mastery in its creation. Crafted from terracotta, this jar is a true testament to the rich pottery heritage of the French countryside. The silhouette is a symphony of form, featuring a voluptuous body that tapers gracefully into a narrow neck, crowned with a charmingly rolled rim. The rustic body reflects the sun-kissed landscapes from which it was born. The variations in color and texture add layers of depth, telling tales of its history and the artisan’s hands that molded it. A yellow glaze surrounding the neck, contrast subtly with the rest of the body while stark dripping effects accentuate the ensemble. While rooted in history, this Biot jar will blend seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary settings. Whether you use it as a stand-alone statement piece, or pair it with fresh blooms as a vase, it breathes a warm, earthy character into the space. The jar’s robust construction makes it equally enchanting in indoor spaces or as an outdoor centerpiece, evoking the rustic beauty of a French country garden. With its rich history and enchanting aesthetic, this 19th Century glazed terracotta Biot jar is not just a piece of pottery; it’s a piece of Provence, waiting to grace your home with its timeless beauty.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 22.5" Diameter x 33"H
Inventory Number: XX458A
Price: $4,950