SOLD - Swedish Rococo 1760s Painted and Carved Linen Press with Doors and Drawers

SOLD - A Swedish Rococo period painted wood linen press circa 1760 with angular cornice, two doors and four drawers on curving legs. Embrace the elegance of the 18th century with this Swedish Rococo period painted wood linen press, circa 1760. Handcrafted with an expert eye for detail, this exquisite piece combines functionality with timeless aesthetics, embodying the sophistication of Rococo design and the serene palette of Scandinavian taste. The linen press features an angular molded cornice that gracefully frames the top, leading down to the upper cabinet's twin doors. The doors reflect the cornice's characteristic shape, opening to reveal a charming, blue/grey-painted interior, complete with practical inner shelves, perfect for organizing your precious linens or cherished keepsakes. The lower section, fashioned as a convenient commode, presents four drawers – two compact ones perched above two larger counterparts, all adorned with intricately crafted brass Rococo hardware. This harmonious blend of beauty and utility marks the essence of this Swedish Rococo period piece. Showcasing a soft, serene color palette inherent to Scandinavian design, the linen press is gently distressed to enhance its historic charm and authenticity. The press is elevated by four slightly curving legs, contributing to its elegant Rococo silhouette. The front and sides are enriched with a finely carved apron, adding another layer of artistic intrigue to this antique masterpiece. This Swedish Rococo period linen press serves not just as a storage solution, but a statement piece, bringing a touch of 18th-century grandeur to your home decor. Its timeless design and serene palette make it a perfect fit for both contemporary and traditional settings.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 57.87"W x 21.2"D x 93.7"H
Inventory Number: XX469
Price: $13,950