Louis XIII Style French 19th Century Walnut Buffet with Carved Diamond Motifs DLW

A French Louis XIII style walnut buffet from the 19th century with two doors, single drawer and carved diamond motifs. Showcasing the elegance of French design, this Louis XIII style walnut buffet, dating from the 19th century, gracefully captures the essence of regal craftsmanship. Crafted in rich dark walnut, the buffet boasts a harmonious blend of functionality and artistry. Its facade is dominated by two doors, each adorned with carved diamond motifs, creating a pattern of aesthetic symmetry. Above, a single drawer, flanked by raised pointe de diamant panels, provides an additional touch of intricacy to the piece. Embodying the age-old traditions of French woodwork, this buffet not only serves as a testament to its craftsman's skills but also offers ample storage solutions for modern homes. Whether placed in a formal dining area or a sophisticated living room, this piece promises not just utility but a dash of European history and charm. Fill it with your curated collection of dinnerware, cherished heirlooms, or perhaps, those select vintages you've been saving for a special occasion. Let this buffet be more than just furniture; let it be a conversation starter, a symbol of your refined taste.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 53.75"W x 23.12"D x 43.5"H
Inventory Number: XX481
Price: $4,950