SOLD - Italian 1820s Walnut and Maple Slant Front Desk with Floral Marquetry

SOLD - An Italian walnut and maple slant front desk, circa 1820 with marquetry décor and three graduating drawers. Immerse yourself in the elegance of Italian craftsmanship with this, circa 1820 walnut and maple slant front secretary. Expertly crafted with marquetry decor, this piece seamlessly melds form and function, offering style and storage in a single, stunning package. The slant front desk is adorned with delicate foliage marquetry, its lighter tones dancing across a darker ground in an enticing visual play. When opened, it rests comfortably on pulls below, revealing an interior that boasts inner shelves and two drawers with banding, ideal for your organization needs. Aged brass hardware adds a touch of antiquity, while three drawers on the façade contribute to the secretary's practicality. The valanced skirt at the bottom lends an elegant, tailored finish, upholding the overall aesthetic. The rustic back of the secretary adds an element of unrefined charm, grounding the piece in its storied history. A tribute to Italian design and craftsmanship, this walnut and maple slant front secretary brings a piece of the past into your present, enhancing your home with its timeless beauty.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 49.2"W x 21.2"D x 41.5"H
Inventory Number: XX483
Price: $5,950