SOLD - Swedish Neoclassical Style 19th Century Demilune Consoles with Greek Key, a Pair DLW

SOLD - A pair of Swedish Neoclassical style demi-lune console tables from the 19th century with carved Greek Key friezes and light gray painted finish. This pair of Swedish Neoclassical style demi-lune console tables from the 19th century beautifully encapsulates the elegance and refined craftsmanship of the era. Each table features a carved Greek Key frieze, a classic motif that adds a timeless touch of sophistication. The frieze is accentuated by a soft blue trim, providing a subtle yet striking contrast against the light gray body of the tables. The tables are raised on fluted, tapering legs, lending them an air of grace and refinement. The addition of carved diamond motifs at the top of the legs' knees enhances the intricate detailing of these pieces, showcasing the skilled artistry that went into their creation. The tops of these console tables are finished with a subtle marbleized effect, adding visual interest to the overall design. In a contemporary home, these demi-lune tables could be used in a variety of ways. Placed against a wall in a foyer or hallway, they would provide an elegant surface for displaying decorative items, flowers, or a pair of lamps. In a living room or dining area, they could serve as sophisticated side pieces, adding a touch of Neoclassical charm. The tables' half-moon shape and compact size make them particularly versatile for use in smaller spaces or as accent pieces in larger rooms. Ideal for those who appreciate the blend of Neoclassical aesthetics with functional design, this pair of console tables is not just a practical addition to a home; they are works of art, bringing the beauty and elegance of 19th-century Swedish design into the modern living space.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 26.3"W x 12.9"D x 30"H
Inventory Number: XX484
Price: $6,950