19th Century Gustavian Style Swedish Gray Painted Sideboard with Reeded Panels DLW

A Swedish Gustavian style sideboard from the 19th century with antique light gray finish, three carved reeded doors, inner drawer and tapered legs. Channeling the timeless beauty of Swedish craftsmanship, this Gustavian style sideboard from the 19th century is a testament to classical elegance. Drenched in an antique light gray finish, the piece showcases a finesse that harmonizes form and function. At the heart of its design are three carved reeded doors, narrating tales of artisanal excellence. The layout offers a thoughtful juxtaposition of storage solutions; the twin doors on the right gracefully conceal inner shelves, perfect for tucking away tableware or collectibles. On the left, a door reveals an additional surprise - an inner drawer, ideal for storing precious trinkets or cutlery. The entire ensemble is elegantly supported by tapered legs, lending a refined lightness to the robust design. Beyond its utilitarian aspect, this sideboard could grace a dining area, serving as a silent custodian for your cherished possessions, or find its niche in a spacious hallway, greeting guests with its muted grandeur. Wherever placed, it whispers stories of Scandinavian heritage.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 61" W x 20" D x 34" H
Inventory Number: XX498
Price: $4,950