Louis XVI Style Gilt Wood Mirror with Floral Carved Medallion Crest and Tassels

A French Louis XVI style gilded wood mirror from the 20th century with ribbon-tied floral medallion, petite carved beads and tassels. Exuding the grace and grandeur of French craftsmanship, this Louis XVI style gilded wood mirror from the 20th century is a resplendent homage to classic design. A centerpiece of ornate artistry, its ribbon-tied medallion sits prominently, enveloping an intricately carved flower set within an oval frame. The opulent crest is indeed crowned with a delicate ribbon, while flanked on either side by an ensemble of flowers, adding to its lavish allure. The frame itself is embellished with petite carved beads, punctuating the mirror's silhouette, and gracefully draping tassels further accentuate its elegance. With its radiant gilded finish, the mirror captures light and reflects an aura of timeless sophistication. Such a luxurious mirror would shine brilliantly above a fireplace mantel, transforming the space into a regal setting. Alternatively, placed in an entryway or dining room, it becomes an exquisite focal point, greeting guests with its luminous charm. A piece that effortlessly elevates any room's ambiance, this mirror is an ode to the splendor of French decorative arts.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 29.5"W x 1.18"D x 48"H
Inventory Number: XX506
Price: $2,450