SOLD - Swedish Neoclassical Style Painted Center Table with Lotiform Capitals DLW

SOLD - A Swedish Neoclassical style painted center table from the 20th century with round top, column legs, carved lotiform capitals and in-curving stretchers. A refined Swedish Neoclassical style painted center table from the 20th century, effortlessly blending elegant design elements with the serene color palette characteristic of Scandinavian aesthetics. This table features a soft round top, offering a gentle contrast to the more angular motifs found in the lower section. The table stands on four exquisite column legs, their linear forms offering a sense of architectural grandeur. Each of these legs is topped with a delicately carved lotiform capital, introducing an element of organic design that softens the table's overall aesthetic. These legs are connected by in-curving stretchers, their sinuous forms adding an additional layer of visual interest. The apron is subtly adorned with discreet carved beaded accents, an understated detail that adds a touch of intricacy to the piece. Painted in a soft color typical of Scandinavian taste, this center table exudes a calming, serene aura. With its harmonious blend of design elements and soothing hues, this Swedish Neoclassical style center table is a testament to the timeless appeal of Scandinavian design, bringing a touch of elegance to any living room or foyer.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: Diameter 40.5" x 27.9"D
Inventory Number: XX507
Price: $3,950