Swedish Egyptian Revival Period 1790s Painted Sofa with Carved Pharaonic Heads

A Swedish Egyptian Revival period sofa from circa 1790 with light painted finish, carved Pharaonic heads, spindle back and carved floral motifs. This Swedish Egyptian Revival sofa, crafted around 1790, is an exquisite blend of neoclassical elegance and the mystique of ancient Egypt. Its light painted finish, reminiscent of soft off-white and light gray hues, beautifully contrasts with the exposed wood, creating a visually appealing composition. The back and arms are adorned with a captivating rhythm of spindle-shaped motifs, exuding a sense of rhythmic grace. However, it's the striking Pharaonic heads on the front of the arms that steal the spotlight. These intricately carved heads, adorned with the iconic Nemes headdress, transport you to the enigmatic world of ancient Egypt. The seat is designed for both comfort and aesthetic delight, featuring a plush white upholstered cushion in good condition, inviting you to relax and unwind in style. In your home, this Egyptian Revival sofa can take on various roles. Placed in a living room, it becomes a captivating centerpiece, sparking conversations and adding a touch of historical fascination to your décor. Alternatively, it can find a place in an eclectic bedroom, providing a unique and artistic seating option. Beyond its visual allure, this sofa is a testament to the enduring fascination with ancient Egyptian aesthetics during the late 18th century. Its blend of neoclassical design elements and Pharaonic motifs makes it a truly exceptional piece of furniture that bridges the gap between two distinct worlds of art and history.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 86.6"W x 29.1"D x 35.4"H
Inventory Number: XX508
Price: $7,950