French 1850s Oil on Panel Baryard Painting with Ducks and Vibrant Colors

A French oil on panel barnyard painting from the Mid-19th Century, depicting ducks in a landscape. Created in France during the 1850s, this oil on panel painting depicts a peaceful scene. Showcasing vibrant, contrasting colors, the painting features a carefully organized composition. The foreground presents a group of ducks including two mallards and ducklings, swimming or resting on the side of a small pond. A house in the distance, with large chimney, creates a vertical accentuation. The left side is occupied by a river reflecting the blue sky with fluffy clouds above. Presenting vivid, beautifully contrasting colors, the painting is signed lower right, however the signature is not identifiable. The ensemble is set inside a wooden frame. With its serene scene and skillful depiction, this French oil on panel barnyard painting circa 1850 will make for a wonderful addition to any home, placed above a side table or commode.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 25.5"W x 21.4"H
Inventory Number: XX58
Price: $2,250