Swedish 1870s Birch Inlaid Secretary with Inlaid Motifs and Slant Front Desk

Swedish 1870s birch inlaid two part tall secretary with slant front desk, two doors, four drawers and inlaid star motifs. Imbued with a refined elegance, this Swedish 19th Century birch inlaid bureau bookcase, circa 1870, seamlessly combines function with decorative charm, making it a distinguished piece for discerning collectors and lovers of period furniture. The secretary, masterfully crafted from beautiful wood, boasts a molded cornice atop two cabinet doors. The doors feature intricate inlaid star motifs and striking cross-banding in alternating colors, highlighting the fine craftsmanship of the era. Upon opening, the doors reveal inner shelves, providing convenient storage. The secretary's central section houses a slanted desk, its door, when opened, becomes a practical writing surface. The interior compartment features multiple drawers around a central door, presenting further storage opportunities for essentials. Beneath the desk, four additional drawers are found, each displaying the same eye-catching cross-banding found on the cabinet doors. This harmonious design continuity amplifies the bookcase's aesthetic appeal. The secretary is raised on a sturdy bracket plinth, an integral element that grounds this sizeable piece. While the sides are tastefully veneered, the back is kept unfinished, a subtle nod to the furniture practices of the time. Made of two parts, the secretary break down for easier shipping. This Swedish 19th century birch inlaid secretary is an exemplary piece of the period's furniture design, showcasing the intricate detailing and functionality characteristic of the era. It is more than just a piece of furniture - it is a testament to the history and craftsmanship of 19th Century Sweden. The dimensions are as follows: 48"W x 19"D x 82"H. The desk height is 27". The bottom measures 45.25"W.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 48"W x 19"D x 82"H Desk Height 27". Bottom measures 45.25"W
Inventory Number: XXG539
Price: $12,950