English Georgian Period 18th Century Fruitwood Side Table with Single Drawer -- LiL

An English Georgian period fruitwood side table from the 18th century with single drawer, double edge and tapered legs. Embrace the refined simplicity and timeless appeal of this English Georgian period fruitwood side table from the 18th century. Its rich fruitwood tones, single drawer, double edge, tapered legs, and brass hardware with gadroon style motifs embody the enduring elegance and craftsmanship that define Georgian era furniture. The side table's rectangular form, crafted from solid fruitwood, exudes a sense of stability and understated refinement. The rich fruitwood tones, with their subtle variations in grain and patina, add a touch of warmth, authenticity, and historical character to the piece. A single drawer, seamlessly integrated into the tabletop, provides ample storage space for your personal belongings. The drawer's double edge, a distinctive feature of Georgian design, adds a touch of visual interest and architectural elegance. Tapered legs, lending a sense of lightness and grace, raise the side table off the ground. The legs' gentle taper, widening at the top and narrowing towards the bottom, complements the overall fluidity of the table's design. Brass hardware, adorned with gadroon style motifs, graces the drawer. The gadrooning's intricate details and gleaming finish add a touch of refinement and visual interest to the piece. -- LiL
Place of Origin: England
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 29.75 " W x 19.5" D x 30.50 " H
Inventory Number: XXG556
Price: $2,950