English Rustic 1930s Terracotta Olive Oil Jar Circa 1930 with Green Glazed Top

An English terracotta olive oil jar from circa 1930 with green glaze, two handles and rustic character. Discover the rustic elegance of this English terracotta olive oil jar, dating back to circa 1930, a piece steeped in history and character. This jar features a distinctive silhouette with tapering lines, gracefully leading your eyes from the top to the bottom of the piece. The jar is beautifully adorned with two handles, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The upper section boasts a vibrant green glaze, a striking contrast to the unglazed body below, creating a harmonious balance of color and texture. This green glaze not only highlights the jar's unique features but also adds a pop of color to any space. With its rustic character and timeless design, this terracotta olive oil jar could serve as a standalone decorative piece, infusing a touch of English countryside charm into your home. Alternatively, it could be paired with a smaller version that we have available, creating a delightful vignette and adding visual interest to any room. Consider placing this piece in your living room, dining area, or even outdoors on a patio to bring a sense of history and beauty to your space. It can also serve as a unique vase for dried flowers or branches, adding a natural element to your decor.
Place of Origin: England
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 10"H x 9.5"D x 9"W
Inventory Number: XXG560A
Price: $595