French 1890s Château Villaret Grape Picking Hod with Fleur de Lys Motifs

A French grape picking hod from circa 1890 with Château Villaret Vins & Spiritueux label, accented with a fleur-de-lys and the date 1854. Embrace the rustic charm and rich history of this French grape picking hod from circa 1890, adorned with the prestigious Château Villaret Vins & Spiritueux label. Highlighting a notable date of 1854, this piece is not just an artifact but a symbol of tradition and heritage in French winemaking. This unique hod is designed with a grey and gold color palette, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The classic fleur-de-lys accent, synonymous with French culture and royalty, adds an elegant touch, making it a true collector's item. Crafted with a blend of function and artistry, this grape picking hod speaks volumes about the time-honored techniques and craftsmanship prevalent in 19th-century France. Its historical significance and design make it a versatile piece that can be repurposed as a decorative item, a planter, or even as a centerpiece in a wine cellar or kitchen. Invest in this French grape picking hod to add a touch of authenticity and antique flair to your interior. Its historical resonance and aesthetic beauty make it a perfect addition for those who appreciate the subtle elegance of French design and the rich heritage of winemaking. Whether for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, this hod is a timeless testament to a golden era of French viticulture.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 37"W x 18.5"D x 25.5"H
Inventory Number: YY101
Price: $1,195