Large French 19th Century Boisset Anduze Jar with Brown, Green Glaze and Swags

A large French Anduze Boisset jar from the 19th century with dark brown and green drip glaze and swag decoration in raised relief. Imbued with an aura of rustic elegance and traditional craftsmanship, this large French Anduze jar hailing from the 19th century exudes a captivating charm that is steeped in history. This imposing piece, born in the verdant heart of Anduze, France, is a testament to the region's rich heritage in pottery making. The jar’s generous proportions, coupled with its sumptuous glaze, make it a striking focal point in any setting. Adorning the jar's robust and tapering body is a luxuriant glaze in a symphony of earthy hues - dark brown and verdant greens, while undertones of ochre add depth and warmth. This drip glaze not only enhances the jar's aesthetic appeal but also narrates stories of time and artisanal dedication. What sets this Anduze jar apart is the intricate swag decoration in raised relief that gracefully drapes across its belly. These traditional swags evoke a sense of timeless beauty, and their raised texture adds an engaging dimension to the piece. Poised majestically atop the piece is a wide, circular mouth, which invites one to ponder what it may have held in times bygone. The jar then narrows into a sturdy circular base that anchors its stately presence.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 17.3" Diameter x 28.3"H
Inventory Number: YY106
Price: $2,950