Pair of French 19th Century Anduze Jars with Brown and Green Glaze and Swags

A pair of French Anduze jars from the 19th century with dark brown and green drip glaze and swag decoration in raised relief. Elevate your outdoor space with this captivating pair of 19th-century French Anduze jars. These jars feature a combination of dark brown and green drip glaze, creating a visually stunning effect that adds depth and character to the pieces. With their distinctive Southern French charm, these jars are sure to make a statement in any garden or patio. Each jar showcases a circular mouth that gracefully leads to a cylindrical tapering body. The body is adorned with elegant swag motifs in raised relief, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design. The raised relief creates a beautiful contrast against the smooth surface of the jars, enhancing their visual appeal. Designed with functionality in mind, these Anduze jars feature drainage holes in the bottoms, allowing for proper water flow and preventing waterlogging. This ensures the longevity and health of the plants or flowers that you choose to display in them. The circular bases provide stability and balance to the jars, allowing them to stand securely wherever they are placed. Whether positioned individually as focal points or placed symmetrically to frame an entrance or pathway, these jars are a testament to the timeless beauty of French craftsmanship. Ideal for both traditional and contemporary outdoor settings, these Anduze jars effortlessly blend style and functionality. Their unique combination of dark brown and green drip glaze, along with the intricate swag decoration, creates a captivating aesthetic that is sure to be admired by all.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: Diameter 14" x 17"H
Inventory Number: YY107
Price: $2,995