1750s Swedish Rococo Gray Painted Tea Table with Tray Top and Ball and Claw Feet -- LiL

A Swedish Rococo period tea table from circa 1750 with gray painted finish, tray top, cabriole legs and ball and claw feet. Exuding timeless elegance, this Swedish Rococo period tea table from circa 1750 is an elegant testament to European craftsmanship. Cloaked in a gracefully aged gray painted finish, with hints of distressing that narrate tales of bygone soirées, the table is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a chapter from history. The tray top, a defining feature, rests upon an alluringly discreetly carved apron on all sides, standing at a height of 22.75 inches, creating a perfect stage for your most cherished keepsakes or afternoon tea rituals. Descending from the apron, the table gracefully flows into cabriole legs, culminating in classic ball and claw feet – signatures of the Rococo style. Envision this table as the centerpiece in a sophisticated drawing room, or perhaps, nestled by a window overlooking a manicured garden, bearing a curated selection of aged teas and heirloom porcelain. With this Swedish treasure, introduce not just a piece of décor, but a storied emblem of European artistry into your home, exuding an aura of timeless grace.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 34.75"W x 26.5"D x 28.5"H. Apron 22.75"
Inventory Number: YY141
Price: $5,450