SOLD - Swedish 1890s Gustavian Style Gray Painted Chests with Reeded Drawers, a Pair

SOLD - A pair of swedish Gustavian style chests from circa 1890 with rich light gray painted finish, carved dentil molding, two reeded drawers and tapered legs. Embrace the understated elegance of Swedish Gustavian design with this exquisite pair of chests from circa 1890. Their rich light gray painted finish, carved dentil molding, and tapered legs embody the refined simplicity and timeless appeal of Nordic craftsmanship. The chests' rectangular forms, crafted from solid wood, exude a sense of stability and refined minimalism. The rich light gray painted finish, with its subtle tonal variations, adds a touch of serenity and sophistication to the pieces. Carved dentil molding, adorning the top and running along three sides, adds a touch of architectural detail and visual interest. The molding's pattern, reminiscent of classical architectural elements, complements the overall Gustavian style of the chests. Two reeded drawers, positioned seamlessly below the dentil molding, provide ample storage space for your personal belongings. The drawers' reeded panels, with their horizontal grooves, add a touch of texture and visual contrast to the chests' smooth surfaces. Tapered legs, gracefully supporting the chests, provide a sense of lightness and visual appeal. The legs' gentle taper, widening at the top and narrowing towards the bottom, complements the overall fluidity of the chests' design. Marbleized tops, with their discreet motif, add a touch of refined elegance and sophistication. The subtle painted marbling, reminiscent of natural stone, complements the chests' overall aesthetic without overpowering their understated design.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 30.1"W x 17.7"D x 30.7"H
Inventory Number: YY144
Price: $9,950