Rococo Style 1850s Swedish Light Grey Painted Bonnet Top Vitrine Cabinet DLW

A Swedish Rococo style rich light grey painted vitrine cabinet from circa 1850 with bonnet top pediment, glass doors, four drawers, carved apron and curving feet. Emanate elegance with this Swedish Rococo-style vitrine cabinet from circa 1850, a celebration of grace and intricate detailing. Draped in a harmonious palette of light grey intermingled with beige / off-white hues, this stately piece boasts an elegant allure. A bonnet-top pediment serves as a magnificent introduction, leading the eye to the cabinet's glass doors, which open to reveal shelving—perfect for showcasing cherished objects, heirlooms, or your exquisite dishware collection. Descend from the glass-enclosed haven to discover the well-proportioned lower section, comprised of four drawers. Two smaller drawers sit atop a pair of larger compartments, all offering generous storage space. A carved apron and delicately curving feet complete the aesthetic symphony, infusing any room with an air of time-honored sophistication. Whether placed in your dining room to display fine china or used as a captivating focal point in a living area, this vitrine cabinet is a versatile addition to your interior décor. Be it for utility or pure aesthetic pleasure, this piece seamlessly marries functionality with artistry.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 43.7"W x 16.9"D x 77.2"H
Inventory Number: YY153
Price: $9,950