ON HOLD - French Provençal Early 19th Century Anduze Vase with Hints of Green and Brown

ON HOLD - A French Provincial Anduze vase from the early 19th century with traces of green and brown glaze and nice rustic character. Steeped in rich history and displaying a rustic allure, this French Provincial Anduze vase from the early 19th century is an embodiment of time-honored craftsmanship and Provençal charm. Originating from the renowned pottery region of Anduze in Southern France, this vase exudes a bucolic grace that can add an authentic touch to any space. The vase boasts a harmonious silhouette, beginning with a generous circular mouth, inviting an array of lush greenery or flowering branches. As one’s gaze travels down, the body gracefully tapers, culminating in a sturdy circular base that grounds the piece with resolute steadiness. An earthy blend of green and brown glaze dresses the vase, bearing the whisper of ages past. The subtle, muted hues offer a tribute to nature, harmonizing effortlessly with indoor or garden settings. Notably, the belly of the vase is adorned with discreet reeded circles, adding texture and depth to the composition. What captivates most is the vase's rustic character; its surface wears the stories of time with grace, with every imperfection narrating a tale. This Anduze vase serves not only as a planter but as an art piece, infusing spaces with the essence of French countryside living. Whether nestled in a lush garden or accentuating an indoor space, this 19th-century French Provincial Anduze vase is an investment in beauty and history. Its rustic character and elegant silhouette make it an exquisite focal point, bestowing an air of Provençal charm wherever it is placed. Perfect for those who cherish antiques that resonate with stories and timeless elegance.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 18.1" Diameter x 20.4"H
Inventory Number: YY16
Price: $3,450