19th Century Scandinavian Three-Drawer Chest with Carved Motifs DLW

A Scandinavian Neoclassical style painted chest from the 19th century with three drawers, carved décor and brass hardware. This 19th-century Scandinavian Neoclassical style painted chest exudes understated elegance, harmoniously blending functionality and refined design. Its rectangular top, a perfect platform for display or functional use, gracefully sits atop a meticulously carved dentil molding, an homage to classic architectural beauty. The chest features three spacious drawers, each thoughtfully adorned with subtly carved panels and timeless brass hardware, offering practical storage with a poetic aesthetic. The fluted side posts extend this attention to detail, effortlessly drawing the eye along the chest’s elegant silhouette. Painted in a soft, serene hue, this piece captures the essence of Scandinavian taste—graceful, calming, and beautifully simplistic. Equally captivating, the chest’s sides mirror the front’s carved panels, ensuring that its charm is appreciated from every angle. In a modern home, this chest could gracefully serve as a bedroom dresser, holding clothes and personal items in its commodious drawers. Alternatively, envision it as an elegant sideboard in a dining room, where it could store tableware, or as a sophisticated entryway piece, welcoming guests with its inviting presence and providing a stylish spot for keys and mail.
Place of Origin: Scandinavia
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 34.2"W x 18.1"D x 35"H
Inventory Number: YY165
Price: $5,950