SOLD - French Provincial Pot à Confit Pottery with Warm Yellow Glaze and Two Handles

SOLD - A French Provincial pot à confit pottery from the 20th century with yellow glaze, two lateral handles and rustic patina. This French Provincial pot à confit pottery piece from the 20th century is a charming representation of rustic French country style. Its warm yellow glaze, with a subtle lean towards orange, evokes feelings of coziness and comfort, reminiscent of the sun-drenched Provencal landscapes. The pot features two lateral handles, thoughtfully designed for practicality and ease of handling. These handles add to the pot's traditional aesthetic, while also providing functionality. The rustic patina, with its unglazed bottom, contributes to its authentic and vintage appeal, showcasing the natural beauty and simplicity of the pottery. In a contemporary home, this pot à confit could serve as a versatile decorative item. It can be placed in a kitchen or dining area as a centerpiece, perhaps filled with dried flowers or kitchen utensils, infusing the space with a touch of French country charm. Alternatively, it could be used as an accent piece in a living room, on a mantelpiece or bookshelf, adding a rustic and homey feel to the decor. The pot's warm glaze and traditional design make it a perfect fit for interiors that favor natural materials and earthy colors. It's ideal for those who appreciate the beauty of French Provincial style and the timeless appeal of handcrafted pottery. This pot à confit is not just a container; it's a piece of art that brings a slice of the French countryside into the modern home, blending history, craftsmanship, and style.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 12.2"W x 10.5"D x 11.6"H
Inventory Number: YY179A
Price: $395