Italian Country Yellow Glazed Pot with Two Large Handles, 20th Century

An Italian pottery pot from the 20th century with yellow glaze, two large handles and tapering lines. This Italian pottery pot from the 20th century is a vibrant blend of functional design and rustic charm. With its sun-kissed yellow glaze adorning the upper section, the pot brings a burst of Mediterranean warmth to any setting. The large, robust handles suggest a history of practical use, while the pot's tapering lines add an element of grace and poise. The unglazed lower section, bearing marks of its age and origin, contributes to the piece's overall character and authenticity. In a contemporary home, this pot could serve various decorative and practical purposes. Its sunny disposition makes it a perfect kitchen accent, perhaps holding wooden utensils or serving as a striking container for fresh herbs or flowers. Alternatively, it could be a focal point in a living room or sunroom, perhaps styled atop a rustic table or in a cozy nook, filled with dried flowers or branches to create a natural, earthy vibe. This Italian pottery pot isn't just a vessel; it's a slice of artisanal history, a decorative piece that tells a story of craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Its presence in a home is a nod to the timeless appeal of Italian ceramics, offering both visual warmth and a touch of European flair to enhance any interior. Whether displayed for its beauty or used in a new, creative way, this pot is a lovely bridge between past and present, bringing with it character and a sunny charm to enliven any space.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 15"H x 10"D x 9.5"W
Inventory Number: YY180
Price: $495