SOLD - Italian 1820s Empire Period Walnut and Mahogany Commodes with Ebonized Columns

SOLD - A pair of Italian Empire period walnut and mahogany commodes from circa 1820 with three drawers, bookmatched veneer, ebonized columns and bronze hardware. Imbue your home with the rich patina of history with this exquisite pair of Italian Empire period walnut and mahogany commodes, heralding from the sophisticated world of circa 1820. These commodes are a testament to the grandeur of the Empire aesthetic, with their harmonious blend of warm walnut and deep mahogany hues. Each commode showcases a trio of drawers, the uppermost projecting slightly forward, commanding attention with its bookmatched veneer that displays the wood's natural beauty in a mirrored pattern. This visual interest is amplified by the contrasting, recessed lower drawers, which are elegantly flanked by striking ebonized columns. These columns, with their bronze capitals, draw the eye upward, adding a stately architectural element to the pieces. Raised on solid block-shaped legs, these commodes offer a robust foundation and stature. The bronze hardware punctuates each piece with a touch of metallic sheen, providing a sumptuous tactile experience with every opening of a drawer. In your residence, these commodes could serve as sophisticated statement pieces in a master suite or as distinguished storage in a formal dining room, their surfaces perfect for displaying curated art or family heirlooms. Their classic lines and opulent details ensure they blend seamlessly with both traditional and contemporary interiors, promising to elevate the elegance of your living space with their undeniable presence and historical charm.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 51.25"W x 23"D x 39.75"H
Inventory Number: YY193
Price: $14,950