ON HOLD - 20th Century French Extension Table In Walnut With Five Leaves Circa 1900

ON HOLD - A French walnut oval extension dining room table from the late 19th century, with five leaves, tapered legs and casters. Created in France during the last quarter of the 19th century, this French dining room table features a walnut oval top lateral drop leaves and five removable ones, resting on a rectangular apron. The ensemble is raised on eight elegant tapering legs resting on brass casters, allowing the table to be moved more easily. Once the leaves are removed, the table becomes a smaller table with drop leaves. Most parts of these French walnut tables are old, usually dating from the mid to late 1800s. There are however modern additions to make them usable and modern, with a combination of old and new aged walnut wood since the French would originally use inferior wood for the leaves (they would indeed just cover the table with a large tablecloth, meaning the look of the table was not as important as it is now). Our expert ebonist then matches the new leaves to the original fixed walnut portion of the table. You would rarely find a completely original table with this attractiveness; Other improvements such as new casters or attractive brass devices, are made at the same time. Another unique feature of these tables is that the middle legs not only provide support & stability but are recessed 14” from the side of the table, which experience indicates is sufficient leg room to not interfere with diners. Also the legs positioning is easily adjustable so that they can be centered regardless of how many leaves are used in the table ( they move on the runners ). Also, the distance apart & the distance from the sides is also adjustable so that the table & the positioning of the legs is very functional & well balanced.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 151.5"W x 50.6"D x 29.5"H Apron Height 25"
Inventory Number: YY246
Price: $13,950