Italian 1890s Walnut Side Table with Elm Marquetry Star, Drawer and Turned Legs DLW

An Italian walnut side table from circa 1890 with elm star marquetry, single drawer and turned legs. This Italian walnut side table, hailing from the elegant period of circa 1890, boasts a splendid display of craftsmanship and design. The tabletop immediately draws attention with its elm star marquetry, a masterful inlay work that showcases intricate detailing, creating a captivating focal point. Beneath the tabletop, a single drawer provides a discreet yet convenient storage option, seamlessly integrated into the design. The table is supported by turned legs, a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of the period. These legs provide a sturdy foundation while adding an element of grace and elegance to the overall design. This walnut side table could serve as a charming addition to a living room, bedroom, or hallway, providing both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Its compact size and elegant design make it a versatile piece, capable of complementing various interior styles, from traditional to more contemporary settings. Enrich your home decor with this Italian walnut side table, a piece that seamlessly blends historical craftsmanship with timeless elegance. Its marquetry and turned legs will add a touch of sophistication to any space, making it a cherished addition to your furniture collection.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 38.75"W x 24"D x 28.5"H
Inventory Number: YY262
Price: $4,950