Swedish 1860s Creamy Gray Painted Sideboard with Reeded Doors and Drawers DLW

A Swedish Gustavian style sideboard from circa 1860 with light creamy gray painted finish, three drawers over three doors and carved reeded panels. This Swedish Gustavian style sideboard from circa 1860 exudes the elegance and refined simplicity characteristic of the period. The piece is bathed in a light creamy gray painted finish, offering a serene and sophisticated hue that would complement a variety of interior decors from traditional to contemporary. Its well-proportioned design features three spacious drawers over three doors, providing ample storage for table linens, dinnerware, or other essentials. The beauty of this sideboard lies in its meticulous details — the carved reeded panels on both the drawers and doors add depth and texture, creating a visually intriguing facade. The central drawer is thoughtfully partitioned, offering organized storage space for smaller items. Raised on short tapered feet, this sideboard maintains a grounded presence while still conveying a sense of lightness and grace. In a modern home, this sideboard could serve as a stunning focal point in a dining room, its surface ideal for displaying a curated collection of decorative objects or serving dishes during gatherings. Alternatively, it could find a place in a spacious entryway, bedroom, or living area, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Its timeless design and quality craftsmanship ensure that it would be a cherished piece for years to come, blending seamlessly with both antique and contemporary pieces.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 53.5"W x 18.5"D x 38.2"H
Inventory Number: YY284
Price: $6,950