Swedish Gustavian 1880s Light Gray Nightstands with Drawers and Doors, a Pair DLW

A pair of Swedish Gustavian style bedside tables from circa 1880 with light gray finish, single drawer over single door, canted side posts and tapered feet. This pair of Swedish Gustavian style bedside tables from circa 1880 exudes the serene elegance characteristic of Scandinavian design. Crafted with a light gray finish, the tables possess a soft, creamy striation that enhances their historical charm and visual appeal. The artful application of paint brings out the subtle textures and graceful aging of the wood. The design features a practical single drawer over a single door, offering a blend of discreet storage and accessibility. The canted side posts are adorned with delicate fluting and topped with finely carved rosettes, adding a touch of refined detail and craftsmanship. Meanwhile, the tapered feet, angled gracefully in the front, provide a stable and stylish base, echoing the tables' overall sense of understated sophistication. In a modern home, these bedside tables could serve as elegant nightstands, flanking a master or guest bed with their timeless appeal. The light gray hue harmonizes with a range of color palettes, from bold and vibrant to soft and neutral, making them a versatile choice for any bedroom. The tables' surface offers ample space for a lamp, books, or decorative items, while the drawers and cabinets provide convenient storage for bedtime essentials. With their blend of Gustavian style and practical functionality, these bedside tables not only serve as charming furniture pieces but also as a testament to the enduring beauty of Swedish design. Whether used in a traditional or contemporary setting, they bring a sense of calm, history, and elegance to any bedroom they grace.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 16.1"W x 14.6"D x 29.9"H
Inventory Number: YY285
Price: $4,950