Southern French Brutalist Oak Dining Trestle Table with Terracotta Inset Top

A Southern French Brutalist solid oak dining room trestle table with hand-made terracotta bricks inset top. This Southern French Brutalist solid oak dining room trestle table from the mid-20th century stands as a testament to unique design and craftsmanship. Its robust frame is inset on the top with hand-made terracotta bricks, each pressed with distinct leaf or paw imprints, infusing the piece with a tactile, organic charm. This table, originating from the south of France, effortlessly blends the raw, natural beauty of its materials with the boldness of Brutalist architecture. Its considerable weight and solid base underline the quality and stability of the piece, making it not just a dining table but a statement piece capable of seating eight people comfortably. The terracotta bricks add a warm, earthy element to the table's aesthetic, making it a focal point in any dining space. This table is ideal for those who value both the functionality of their furniture and its ability to serve as a conversation starter. Whether placed in a modern home or a space with rustic influences, it brings a sense of gravitas and history, perfectly embodying the essence of Brutalist design with a provincial French twist. The Apron height is 27.5".
Place of Origin: France
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 30.3"H x 81.8"W x 38.1"D . Apron Height 27.5"
Inventory Number: YY307
Price: $7,950