Large Florentine Quadruple Botanicals in Black Frame under Glass - SOLD EACH

Florentine quadruple botanicals in black frame under glass. We have two frames available, priced and sold each. Imbue your living space with the subtle elegance and rustic charm of these Florentine quadruple botanicals, meticulously framed under glass. Each frame is thoughtfully divided into four quadrants, each showcasing a distinct botanical specimen. The delicate handwriting within each quadrant reveals a connection to Florence—mentioning "Firenze," the name of the species, and the address of the professor who carefully collected and pressed these botanicals, lending an air of academic history and authenticity to each piece. Crafted in the early 20th century with the framing done later, these botanical pages offer a timeless decorative appeal, bringing a touch of nature's serene beauty into your home. The black frame accentuates the vibrant colors of the flowers, making it a stunning addition to any room, particularly mounted on a wall. The clean glass preserves the pristine condition of these botanical pages, ensuring their beauty remains untouched. Priced and sold individually, with two frames available, these pressed flower pages are not just artworks but conversation starters, ideal for adding a layer of sophistication and historical intrigue to your decor. Their unassuming elegance makes them versatile for various settings, from a quiet reading nook to a bustling living room, enhancing the ambiance with their refined presence.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 36.6"H x 28.7"W
Inventory Number: YY314
Price: $2,950 (Each)