Victorian English Walnut and Mahogany Fold-Over Game Table with Bookmatched Top

An English Victorian period fold-over walnut mahogany game table from the 19th century with bookmatched top and carved base on casters. Step into the elegance of the Victorian era with this exquisite English fold-over mahogany game table from the 19th century, a piece that exudes the sophistication and craftsmanship of its time. This table, with its bookmatched top and intricately carved base, is a stunning example of high-quality Victorian furniture. The table's top showcases the art of bookmatching, where the grains and patterns of the mahogany wood are mirrored to create a symmetrical and visually appealing design. This attention to detail reflects the skilled artistry of the period. Resting on a beautifully carved base, the table is both sturdy and ornate, with the carvings adding a touch of opulence and flair. Equipped with casters, this game table is as functional as it is beautiful, allowing for easy movement within a space. In its closed form, the table measures 29.75"H x 36.6"W x 18.25"D, perfect as a side table or accent piece. When opened, it transforms into a spacious game table with dimensions of 28.75"H x 36.6"W x 36.6"D, ideal for an evening of cards or board games. In a contemporary home, this Victorian walnut and mahogany game table serves as a versatile and elegant piece of furniture. It can be used in a living room or study, offering a blend of practicality for game nights and aesthetic appeal as a decorative item. The table's clean condition and timeless design make it a valuable addition to any home, perfect for those who appreciate the charm and history of antique furniture.
Place of Origin: England
Dimensions: Closed: 29.75"H x 36.6"W x 18.25"D. Open: 28.75"H x 36.6"W x 36.6"D
Inventory Number: YY316
Price: $2,950