French Provincial Napoléon III Era Green Glazed Pottery Jugs, Circa 1850

Two French Provincial Napoléon III period pottery jugs from circa 1850 with green glaze, dripping and lateral handles flanking the central spout. They are priced and sold individually. A pair of French Provincial Napoléon III period pottery jugs from circa 1850, boasting a rustic green glaze with an enchanting drip effect, and featuring dual lateral handles embracing a central spout. Crafted in the French countryside during the Napoléon III era around 1850, these charming pottery jugs emanate a warm, rustic allure. The jugs present an arresting green glaze that artistically drips down their voluptuous bodies, conjuring images of vine-laden countrysides and pastoral simplicity. Each jug is adorned with two sturdy lateral handles that gracefully flank a prominent central spout, a design that marries functionality with a timeless aesthetic. The jugs’ rounded bodies gradually taper towards the base, while the necks subtly narrow before flaring out to form the spout, a design choice that both complements and contrasts the robust forms. The intriguing drip effect of the glaze enhances the jugs’ rustic character, while the rich green color present in the upper section beautifully reflects the verdant landscapes of the French provinces. In good condition considering their age, these jugs capture the essence of a bygone era, their imperfections and patina adding to their authentic charm. Ideal for both decorative and utilitarian purposes, these jugs would serve as stunning statement pieces in a kitchen, dining room, or any space seeking to imbibe the warmth of French country living. Sold individually, each of these French Provincial Napoléon III period pottery jugs with green glaze and rustic appeal will undoubtedly become a treasured addition to any home or collection.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 5.5" Diameter x 8.8"H
Inventory Number: YY36
Price: $650 (Each)