Italian 18th Century Walnut Side Table with Carved Apron and Single Drawer

An Italian walnut side table from the 18th century with single drawer, carved apron and petite hoof feet. Born in Italy during the 18th century, this exquisite walnut side table exudes timeless elegance and meticulous craftsmanship. The rectangular top features beveled edges, adding a touch of refinement to the table's overall design. Below the top, a single drawer is adorned with an oval brass pull, providing both functionality and a subtle decorative accent. The carved apron adds a layer of decorative intricacy, enhancing the table’s antique appeal. The table is supported by four legs, each culminating in petite hoof feet that showcase simple yet charming craftsmanship. Connecting the legs on all sides, the side stretchers are not merely functional but also beautifully carved with scalloped motifs, further highlighting the attention to detail and artistic finesse characteristic of the period. This 18th-century Italian walnut side table will make for a versatile addition to any home, bringing a touch of historical charm and elegance. It can serve as a sophisticated accent in a living room, bedroom, or hallway, offering a perfect surface for a lamp, books, or decorative items. The combination of its carved details, graceful proportions, and rich walnut patina ensures this table will be a cherished piece, adding both beauty and practicality to your interior decor.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 32.375"W x 21.625"D x 25.25"H
Inventory Number: YY380
Price: $2,950