Spanish Baroque 17th Century Walnut Table with Carved Drawers and Turned Legs DLW

A Spanish Baroque period walnut table from the 17th century with three drawers, carved foliage on crosshatched motifs, turned legs and H-Form cross stretcher. This 17th-century Spanish Baroque period walnut table exudes a rich historical charm with its intricate detailing and robust design. Crafted with three drawers that feature carved foliage set against crosshatched motifs, this piece speaks to the exquisite craftsmanship of its era. The table stands on elegantly turned legs, connected by an H-Form cross stretcher, enhancing its stability and visual appeal. Measuring 23.25 inches high at the apron, this table is versatile enough to serve as a distinguished console or sofa table in any living space. Ideal for those looking to infuse their home with a touch of Baroque opulence, this table could be used to anchor a formal living room, entryway, or dining area. It offers both functional storage and a splendid display surface for decorative objects, art, or lighting. The profound historical and aesthetic values make it not only a functional piece of furniture but also a conversation starter in any decor setting. Its presence in a home promises to elevate the surrounding furnishings, blending seamlessly with both traditional and eclectic interiors.
Place of Origin: Spain
Period: 17th Century
Dimensions: 70.75"W x 27.25"D x 33"H 23.25" Apron
Inventory Number: YY442
Price: $7,950