Italian 19th Century Terracotta Planter with Crosshatched Motifs and Patina DLW

An Italian terracotta planter from the 19th century with crosshatched friezes, lateral handles and nicely aged patina. This charming 19th-century Italian terracotta planter is a captivating blend of historical craftsmanship and rustic elegance. The planter boasts generous tapering lines that lead to a circular mouth with a thick lip, providing a sturdy and timeless appeal. The body is adorned with two crosshatched friezes that add texture and visual interest, while the lateral handles enhance both its functionality and aesthetic charm. The terracotta planter's nicely aged patina gives it a unique character, telling a story of decades of use and weathering that enhances its antique appeal. This rich patina, combined with the discreet friezes and robust design, makes it a standout piece for any garden or interior space. Ideal for use in a variety of settings, this terracotta planter can effortlessly elevate an outdoor garden, patio, or indoor conservatory. Its ample size is perfect for housing a variety of plants, from lush green foliage to vibrant flowers, adding a touch of Mediterranean elegance to your home. Indoors, it can serve as a statement piece in a sunroom or entryway, bringing a touch of nature and history into the space. This 19th-century Italian terracotta planter is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of aged, artisanal objects and seek to incorporate unique, character-filled pieces into their home decor.
Place of Origin: Italy
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 38.6" Diameter x 33"H
Inventory Number: YY481
Price: $2,750