Swedish Gray Painted Bedside Tables with Three Drawers and Cabriole Legs

A pair of Swedish bedside tables from the 20th century with light gray painted finish, three drawers, ornate hardware, curving legs and carved aprons. This pair of Swedish bedside tables from the 20th century beautifully encapsulates the charm and elegance of Scandinavian design. Each table is finished in a rich light gray paint that faintly hints at subtle undertones of blue and green, giving it a serene and inviting appearance. The slight distressing on the finish adds character and a sense of history, suggesting a story behind each piece. The three drawers in each table offer practical storage space, ideal for keeping bedtime essentials within reach. These drawers are adorned with ornate hardware, adding a touch of ornamental beauty and contrasting splendidly with the tables' otherwise minimalist design. This hardware not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides a tactile element to the tables. One of the most striking features of these tables is their curving legs, which add a sense of fluidity and grace. Complementing this are the simply carved aprons, which, while understated, contribute to the overall elegance and refined craftsmanship of the pieces. In a contemporary home, these bedside tables would be perfect alongside a bed, providing a stylish and functional space for lamps, books, or a glass of water. Their light gray color and classic design make them versatile enough to blend seamlessly with various bedroom decors, from modern minimalist to more traditional settings.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 20th Century
Dimensions: 21.5"W x 11.6"D x 31.5"H
Inventory Number: YY57
Price: $4,950