French Louis XVI 1790s Trumeau Mirror with Carved Liberal Arts Allegory

A French Louis XVI period trumeau mirror from circa 1790 with partial stripped finish and carved Liberal Arts allegory. This captivating French Louis XVI period trumeau mirror, dating back to circa 1790, is a testament to the elegant artistry of the era. The mirror boasts a partially stripped finish, revealing layers of gray, off-white, and soft brown wood tones, enhancing its antique charm and character. The upper panel is beautifully adorned with a finely carved Liberal Arts allegory, featuring ribbon-tied musical instruments, including a lute and a clarinet, nestled within a laurel wreath—a symbol of victory and peace. The side posts are intricately carved with classical motifs of urns and fruits, adding to its decorative appeal. This trumeau mirror is perfect for adding a touch of historical elegance to any modern or traditional home. It can be placed above a mantelpiece in the living room, in a hallway for a welcoming touch, or in a dining room to create a focal point that draws the eye. The detailed carvings and the architectural elements make it not only a reflective surface but also a piece of art that celebrates the craftsmanship of the late 18th century. It serves as a stunning addition that blends functionality with exquisite aesthetics, ideal for those looking to infuse a sense of history and artistry into their living spaces.
Place of Origin: France
Period: 18th Century
Dimensions: 48.75"W x 57.75"H x 2.6"D
Inventory Number: YY604
Price: $5,950