1830s Swedish Off-White Painted Wood Narrow Sideboard with Distressed Finish -- LiL

A Swedish off-white painted sideboard from circa 1830 with carved apron and distressed finish. This charming Swedish sideboard from circa 1830 is a study in grace and simplicity, with its inviting off-white painted finish highlighting a thoughtful distressed technique that whispers stories of a rich past. The piece showcases a narrow and elegant proportion, perfect for spaces where footprint is a consideration without sacrificing on style or functionality. The doors, the centrepiece of this sideboard, feature recessed panels that add depth and texture. These doors open to reveal inner shelving, a perfect hideaway for dining essentials or cherished keepsakes. The canted side posts give the piece a delightful angular character, while the simply carved apron and base infuse it with a touch of timeless sophistication. In a contemporary home, this sideboard could take center stage in a dining room, providing both a service surface for meals and storage for dinnerware. In a spacious hallway or entry, it would make a stylish statement piece to welcome guests, its shelves offering a convenient place for stowing away household items. Alternatively, it could serve as a unique cabinet in a bathroom, marrying form and function with its internal storage and surface space.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 36.75"W x 14.25"D x 42"H Desk Height: 30"
Inventory Number: YY62
Price: $3,950