19th Century Swedish Light Gray Painted Round Top Pedestal Table on Carved Base

A Swedish round top dining table from the 19th century with classic light gray painted finish, carved frieze, pedestal and carved quadripod base. From the heart of 19th-century Scandinavia comes this exquisitely designed Swedish round-top dining table, echoing the serenity and sophistication inherent to Nordic aesthetics. Cloaked in a classic light gray hue, this table hints at a Gustavian legacy, where color softly whispers elegance. The top, an impeccable circle, rests gracefully atop a meticulously carved frieze that beckons admiration. This table's architectural genius is revealed in its robust pedestal. But the piece de resistance is undoubtedly the carved quadripod base, each leg a masterstroke of craftsmanship, exuding both stability and beauty. Imagine hosting intimate dinner parties, where this table becomes the stage for culinary delights and sparkling conversations. Or, in a spacious foyer, let it stand as a resplendent centerpiece adorned with fresh flowers or cherished curios. Perfect for both traditional and modern homes, this Swedish gem seamlessly bridges the gap, ensuring every meal becomes a cherished memory.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 59"W x 30.3"H
Inventory Number: YY78
Price: $8,950