Swedish Rococo Style 1850s Bonnet Top Cabinet with Glass Doors and Drawers

A Swedish Rococo style tall cabinet from circa 1850 with bonnet top, light gray painted finish, glass doors, four drawers, carved skirt and curving legs. Immerse your home in the elegance of the Swedish Rococo style with this exquisite tall cabinet from circa 1850. Its light gray painted finish, with a hint of creaminess, exudes a refined and sophisticated charm, while its intricate carved details and graceful curving legs embody the playful and ornamental spirit of the era. The cabinet's bonnet top, a distinctive feature of Rococo furniture, sits above the two glass doors, which open to reveal inner shelves painted in a calming gray-blue hue. This contrast in colors adds depth and visual interest to the piece. The lower section showcases four drawers, two small ones over two larger ones, all adorned with Rococo-style hardware, further enhancing the cabinet's charm. With its ample storage space and versatile design, this Swedish Rococo style tall cabinet can be seamlessly integrated into various living spaces. In a dining room, it can serve as a stylish storage solution for fine china and glassware. In a living room, it can provide a graceful display area for decorative objects or books. Or, in a bedroom, it can act as a refined wardrobe or a sophisticated dresser. Whether you use it for its functional purposes or simply admire its exquisite details, this Swedish Rococo style tall cabinet is sure to add a touch of elegance and timeless beauty to your home.
Place of Origin: Sweden
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 43.7"W x 18.9"D x 80.5"W
Inventory Number: YY82
Price: $10,950