English 1890s Off White Pine Commodes with Four Graduating Drawers and Pull-Outs DLW

A pair of English pine commodes from circa 1890 with antique off white painted finish, pull-out drawer followed by four graduating ones, and carved bracket feet. Envision these quintessentially English pine commodes from circa 1890 as a charming homage to Victorian craftsmanship, each piece resonating with a sense of history and character. Adorned with an antique off-white painted finish, they whisper tales of the past while fitting effortlessly into the modern home. Each commode opens with a practical pull-out drawer, followed by four graduating drawers that present an abundance of storage. Whether it's clothing in a bedroom, linens in a guest room, or miscellaneous items in a living area, these drawers provide organization with a touch of elegance. Resting on sturdy carved bracket feet, these commodes stand with a dignified poise that anchors them firmly in tradition yet adapts graciously to contemporary interiors. Their painted finish, gently distressed over time, adds texture and a layer of visual interest that draws the eye. Place these versatile pieces in a master suite to evoke a serene ambiance, utilize them in a hallway for functional beauty, or position them as statement nightstands that balance utility with aesthetic appeal. Ideal for homes inspired by a shabby chic motif or those curating a blend of antique and modern elements, these English pine commodes become not just furniture, but a narrative element within your living space.
Place of Origin: English
Period: 19th Century
Dimensions: 23"W x 17"D x 29.5"H
Inventory Number: YY96
Price: $5,500